Overcrowding in Graveyard

In 1660, a petition was sent to the King, and Robert Wilkinson became the Vicar of Eastchurch in 1661. In 1665, a boundary ditch was dug around the churchyard and the small vicarage cottage.

In 1870, due to overcrowding, the drainage ditch was filled in to create more space for burials, and the water butts were removed. Restoration work began on the chancel, and a subscription fund was set up for a new stained glass east window in 1872. The rood screen was repaired, chancel steps were altered, chancel windows were repaired, and chandeliers were renovated in 1873.

In 1878, due to continued overcrowding, representations were made to the home office. In 1881, the paths at the ends of the church were removed, and a new approach was made from the High Street to the south porch door. A new extension to the rear of the churchyard was consecrated in 1892.

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