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Greetings and a warm welcome to All Saints Church, part of the Parish of Eastchurch with Leysdown and Harty located on the eastern half of the Isle of Sheppey in Kent.

All Saints Church is a Parish Church affiliated with the Church of England, embracing members of the entire community. Our sister church, St Thomas the Apostle, can be found 15 minutes in Harty – perfect for a cycle around the Isle of Harty trail.

Every Sunday, we hold a service at 10 am in Eastchurch. For an up-to-date schedule of additional services and events, please refer to the calendar provided below. St Thomas Church conducts a monthly service on the first Sunday of each month at 12 noon.

We pride ourselves on being family-friendly and offer a Children’s Church during part of the service. Although we are a Church of England Church, our tradition is catholic which means we incorporate the use of incense and refer to our Sunday Service as ‘Parish Mass.’ We believe that the consecrated bread and wine, received during Holy Communion, hold great significance in our faith.

Everyone is wholeheartedly invited to join us!

All Saints Church Eastchurch

Meet the Team

Meet the key people involved in All Saints Church Eastchurch

Yvette Gutheil

Yvette is the churchwarden for All Saints Church. She is also responsible for the organising of Baptisms and Parish Safeguarding Lead.

Sue Hopper

Sue is the chair of the Parochial Church Council. She is also churchwarden to All Saints sister Church, St Thomas the Apostle.

Joseph Fowler

Joseph is the Parish Administrator. He is responsible for the oversight to all Life Events that take place in the Parish.

School Partnerships

Our parish partners with Eastchurch CofE Primary School and St Clement CofE Primary School, fostering a close connection between the schools and the church. Regular visits, assemblies, and celebrations create a sense of belonging and deepen students’ understanding of the Christian faith.

Both schools actively integrate Christian values into their curriculum and school life. These values, chosen collaboratively by students, staff, and governors, promote qualities like kindness, respect, and compassion. They serve as the foundation for character development and are woven into various subjects, including RE.

Coffee Morning

Join us for our weekly coffee morning, every Monday at 10am

All welcome for a ‘cuppa and chat.



At All Saints Church, we are dedicated to ensuring the safeguarding, well-being, and growth of the children in our church community. We are also committed to fostering a supportive atmosphere where all individuals, particularly those who may be vulnerable, can worship and pursue their spiritual path in a secure and nurturing environment.

Our Parish Safeguarding lead is Yvette Gutheil, All Saints Churchwarden. Please contact Yvette with any Safeguarding concerns that you may have. Our Safeguarding policy and risk assessments can be found on our policies page.

For more information and useful contacts, visit the Diocese of Canterbury safeguarding page.


Learn more about our Church and Sunday service

We are a diverse community consisting of ordinary individuals from various age groups, backgrounds, and nationalities. Despite our differences, we are united by a common objective: to delve into the teachings of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible. During our gatherings, we attentively listen to the biblical messages and strive to incorporate them into our lives, recognising that we may not always succeed perfectly in doing so.

Absolutely! The Good News of Jesus Christ is for all people. In our meetings, we welcome everyone, whatever their beliefs or questions. We will do all we can to help you discover the best news in the world.

When you arrive you’ll receive a service sheet that shows what happens when. No one is put on the spot or told to do or say anything they feel uncomfortable with. During the service, we sing, listen to the Bible read out loud and explained, and sometimes read as a group. Someone at the front will lead us in prayer but you will never have to say or sing anything that you don’t yourself believe in.

There is no dress code – wear whatever you’d like.

No. Regular members do give money to the church, but newcomers and those who are not Christians are encouraged not to give anything.

There is limited parking available on the High Street outside of the church.

Yes! We love having children with us. Every service is for all ages, young and old alike.

We understand that they don’t always find it easy to sit still or stay quiet! The first part of each service is very child friendly with a kids’ song and a short talk. Thereafter, DBS-checked church volunteers run a full Sunday school for children aged 0 – 11 on most Sundays. If you would rather stay with your child, we have a well-equipped (and soundproof!) creche room where you can take your baby/toddler. The room has a sound relay so you can follow the service.

Typically a Sunday Service will last around an hour.

If you are interested in joining the church the best place to start is by coming on a Sunday. Please introduce yourself to one of our ministers: they would love to meet you and can then talk about how you might be involved, and answer your questions.

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